The Most Haunted Online Poker Rooms

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Featured Site

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Sites with the Worst Players


Pacific Poker

Our Pick: Pacific Poker (full review)

It's almost scare how poorly the competition plays on this site. When you get a run of good cards that hold up, you can make a lot of fast money with large pots here. This is definitely the fish tank of online poker rooms with flop percentages typically over 40-50%.

Bodog Poker

#2 Pick: Bodog Poker (full review)

Probably from the large number of sports bettors and casino players, the pots are extremely fast and loose at this site. You'll find ridiculously high flop percentages and average pots from loose wild players.

Party Poker

#3 Pick: Party Poker (full review)

While this site has long held the reputation of having the worst players, they're a little tougher than most new player believe. That being said, the majority of the competition is just clueless and aggressive. With their large promotions, they attract a lot of new players daily.



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