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Gaming Club Poker



Featured Site

Gaming Club Poker

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Gaming Club Poker


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Overall: (4)
Bonus: (4)  
Promotions: (4.5)  
Fish: (3.5)  
Tournaments: (4.5)
Software: (4)
Cashouts: (4)
Customer Service: (4.5)

  Gaming Club Poker











Overall: 4

Gaming Club Poker plays on the Prima network, which is a collection of tens of individual poker portals. Personally, this is my favorite site on the network. They do run a good number of promotions unique to their site, and I like the $5,000 Rookie Freeroll for new players to the site. Also, the competition is extremely weak and observant players should be able to beat these tables. The software is playable, and the bonus is small but easily earnable. Overall, Iíve been pleased with this site and still leave money in my account here because of the no limit ring games.

Bonus: 4.5 (100% up to $50)
This is an earnable bonus, and I give Gaming Club a good score because I donít like deceptive bonuses from poker sites. Thatís what I would classify a bonus that requires you to play some ridiculous amount of hands that have to rake a certain amount before a fraction of your bonus is released to you. Why have any bonus at all then? This is a 100% bonus up to $50, and you have to play 350 raked hands to earn it. I usually play about 150-200 per session, so this bonus doesnít take long to earn.

Promotions: 4.5
The best promotion, in my opinion, is the $5,000 Rookie Freeroll for new players. As far as I know, this is the biggest new player giveaway. Many freerolls have pitiful prize pools to reward beating 2,000 clueless opponents. This is a $5,000 event, and they typically have less than 400 people playing. This gives you a decent shot actually win a few hundred dollars if you have a good tournament. I played in one of these when I first signed up and won $100. It isnít a whole lot, but it was free. I usually watch my e-mail for their promotions, since they seem to send out almost too many newsletters. Usually they hold several promotions every month like a plasma screen giveaway, a new computer, or a WPT entry. Also, they have a few $1,000 daily freerolls which are only available to active players so it limits the field to a few hundred.

Fish: 3.5
I like the players at Gaming Club. They arenít the traditional clueless fish, but the weak-tight kind of inexperienced player. While they do have pretty good fixed-limit action, I prefer no limit ring games. Fortunately, the no limit action has always been beatable and I usually dominate the table with an aggressive style from the get-go. Flop percentages are about average between 30-40%, but the average pots remain a decent size. Mostly, youíll find timid calling stations at this site so keep betting for value throughout the hand.

Tournaments: 4.5
As I mentioned earlier, Gaming Club is on a shared network so they have a pretty high amount of ring game and tournament traffic. Because of this, they hold a good number of events throughout the day. Even though they cater to beginner players with a lot of tournaments under $10 (200-300 opponents), larger buy-in events still fill up. They also have a variety of Sit Ďn Go tournaments that fill up without a long wait. Users can also easily create private tournaments for friends or if you run a forum. If you play late at night like I do, youíll appreciate that this site has a lot of traffic from Europe to keep the site busy.

Software: 4
The software isnít highly original, but it is probably one of the fastest. I can never justify poker sites actually taking to time for the software to deal out each card one by one. Itís digital for cryiní out loud! Gaming Club gives you your cards right away to cut down on anxiousness and game lag. They also have some unique options for displaying the table like color-coding players that are still left in the hand. I also like the ability to resize the table and take off the unnecessary side chat bar. Overall, this is playable software with a decent color scheme.

Best Features
-Earnable bonus. It isn't huge but you can earn it in one session.

-Weak competition. You can easily dominate these tables with an aggressive presence.

-Good tournament selection. Because of the shared player base they offer a large amount of tournaments.


Cashouts: 4
Occasionally the banking links can be slow from within the software, but Belle Rock Gaming is a reputable company that handles cashouts quickly once theyíre sent. NETeller money should be available the next day.

Customer Service: 4.5
The Gaming Club offers telephone support for different languages in addition to standard e-mail support so I give them a good score.

Game Selection: Hold'em, Omaha, Stud (7 and 5 card)

Limits:    Fixed Limit: .05/.10 - $100/200     No Limit: .05/.10 - $10/20

With a good number of calling stations probably sitting at the table at Gaming Club, you should probably just bet out for value with your good hands. There are way too many greedy poker players who slowplay very vulnerable hands hoping to build a pot. Being greedy in an online poker game will quickly lead you to a number of suck outs and band beats. If you see two suited or connected cards on the board and youíre up against a player who youíve seen draw to straights and flushes often, bet out at least the size of the pot. Youíre giving him the wrong odds to draw to those hands, and heís probably the passive type of player who will fold if he doesnít hit his hand on the turn. You should save your deception against these weak players and just do the obvious thingÖ BET!


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