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Doyle's Room



Featured Site

Doyle's Room

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Doyle's Room Poker


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Overall: (4.5)
Bonus: (4.5)
Promotions: (4)  
Fish: (5)
Tournaments: (4)
Software: (4)
Cashouts: (4.5)
Customer Service: (5)

  Doyle's Room











Overall: 4.5
The namesake of Doyle’s Room is the legendary Doyle Brunson, 10 time WSOP bracelet winner. He’s been one of the most respected names in the industry for over 30 years, so we had to give his poker room a try. We’ve been impressed overall with the site, and they have been aggressively promoting to further build their player base. The tables are actually very loose, so players who know their stuff can do well here. Action players will also appreciate the number of shorthanded tables available here. The software moves along at a very quick pace with some unique features, and they offer strong promotions right off the bat including a free collector’s hardbound edition of Super System 2, Doyle Brunson’s follow-up to the classic. Overall, this is still a poker site that I frequent for both tournaments and ring games.

Bonus: 4.5 (Super System 2 or up to 35%)
The first bonus they offer is a free copy of Super System 2. Proclaimed by many players as the “Bible of Poker”, you’ll need to use bonus code “FREEBIBLE” to get it. I like the fact that it is an original idea for a deposit bonus, rather than just a small amount of extra cash. Visit the Doyle’s Room homepage to download the software and set up your account. This isn’t the paperback that you can get from Border’s or Amazon, but a leather hardbound collector’s edition only available to Doyle’s Room players. It feels very sturdy, and is quite well-made. You’ll earn the book through gaining Action Points, which are given out by the handful for playing at the tables. Even at the lower limits, you should be able to earn the required amount pretty quickly. My copy was at my door within a week of earning the APs. Alternatively, you can get a 25% (35% using Neteller) bonus by using bonus code: “HAUNTEDPKR” after you download the software.


Bonus code "FREEBIBLE" will get you a free hardbound collector's edition of Super System 2.
Bonus code "HAUNTEDPKR" will get you a 25% deposit bonus, or 35% if you're using NETeller. 

Promotions: 4
Doyle’s Room offers a pretty good amount of promotions to players. Their most popular promotion right now is their weekly bounty tournament, and they’ve just started offering new players from our site a free entry. Just follow any of our Doyle’s Room links, play in your first bounty tournament, return to the homepage, enter your screen name, and you’ll receive the $27.50 back into your player account. It’s a pretty generous offer, so everyone who plays at the site should at least try out one of these tourneys. Professionals like Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, and Mike Caro participate, and players can win $250, $10,000, or $25,000 for busting out all 3. That would be a pretty tall feat, but getting the $250 is a realistic goal. Other promotions include special freerolls for Action Points, and of course the free Super System 2 offer. They’ve also recently introduced a new 4-card lowball game called Badugi into the mix.

Fish: 4.5
Initially, the loose style of play at Doyle’s Room surprised me. I assumed that players who followed Doyle Brunson would probably be more knowledgeable than the average player. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. This poker site shares its network with some European casino sites, so most of the player base is pretty loose. Don’t be surprised to routinely see your opponents playing trash cards, and 5 or 6 of them staying in to see a flop. Doyle Brunson executes his wild and unpredictably style excellently, but these players don’t seem to understand that this type of play rarely succeeds online. Expect lots of big pots and seemingly inexperienced players drawing at every opportunity, even up to the higher limits.

Tournaments: 4
Doyle’s Room earns a good score in this category for the large number of small-stakes events, making them accessible to smaller players. They also have a few middle-to-high stakes events daily, including the occasional satellite into a big live event. Popular tournament frequently receive over 200 entrants. Another unique feature here is the number of crazy tournaments, such as 1c rebuy events, or 50c freezeouts. While the prizes aren’t very large, they’re fun to have open as a second window. You can also find Sit ‘n Go tournaments all the way down to 10c buy-ins, and you can try out the heads-up format without risking much money. The bounty tournaments are also popular. I also like the freeroll format here, which limits the field by requiring that entrants buy in with Action Points. Overall, the number of daily tournaments isn’t huge, but they do offer a good number of members-only freerolls, small-stakes events, and the occasional ridiculous penny tourney.

Software: 4
Even though the software somewhat lacks originality in terms of graphics, I give Doyle’s Room a pretty good rating in the category. The game speed is very quick, even at full ring games. They also have a unique feature that allows you to easily bet in multiples of the big blind. You can choose from 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, or “Max” to go all-in. This is convenient for no-limit players that make standard raises, such as myself. I imagine this is one factor that helps to speed up the game. The hand history feature is pretty limited, but you’re able to choose from a set of avatars, and the lobby is easy to navigate. Some users might appreciate the landing “Lobby” when you first open up the software. Also, the cards are probably twice the size of other sites, making them much easier to see on a sometimes crowded screen.

Best Features
-Loose tables. This site is on a shared network with many casino crossover sites.
-Fast games. The software runs very quickly.
-Lots of shorthanded games. If you like this style, you'll find plenty of available tables.
-Super System 2 Free. A unique bonus that allows you to get the collector's edition free.

Cashouts: 4.5
I’ve never had a problem with their cashouts. I used Firepay for Doyle’s Room, and I always had my money within 24 hours. I imagine that Neteller is just as fast.

Customer Service: 5
The best feature of the customer service here is the “Manager” feature, which is easily clickable from every window. If you have any problems, you can chat with a representative right from within the software. E-mail responses are also quick.

Game Selection: Hold'em, Omaha, Badugi (4 card lowball)

Limits:    Fixed Limit: .02/.04 - $50/100     No Limit: .02/.04 - $5/10

With many loose players who will draw to straights and flushes at Doyle's Room, you’ll need to protect yourself when you have a vulnerable hand. Always analyze the texture of the board for possible straights or flushes. If you see 2 suited or connected cards and you have what figures to be the best hand, you should always bet out. This is especially true against multiple opponents. When you do bet, make your opponents pay to keep up with their draw. Bet at least the size of the pot on the flop to give them the incorrect odds to draw to an open-ended straight or 4-to-a-flush. At the same time, look for profitable chances to draw, yourself. If you’re getting the proper pot odds from late position, you might even consider making a raise and attempt to pick up the pot right there. If you get called and don’t make your draw, check behind your opponent(s) on the turn to get a free card.



Click here to visit Doyle's Room.