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Titan Poker



Featured Site

Titan Poker

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Titan Poker


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Overall: (4.5)
Bonus: (4.5)
Promotions: (5)  
Fish: (4.5)
Tournaments: (4)
Software: (4)
Cashouts: (4.5)
Customer Service: (5)












Overall: 4.5
Titan Poker is a new site on the iPoker network that is quickly becoming popular with new players. They do have some strong promotions to entice new depositors, and I’ve seen a significant growth in the player base over the past few months. In terms of customer service and payouts, they’re also very professional. Perhaps the best reason to play here is the large number of inexperienced and new poker players brought on by the player-friendly promotions. Both no-limit and fixed limit tables are extremely soft with high flop percentages and weak competition. Fixed limit players will also like the fact that their tables may be more popular than no-limit on this site.

Bonus: 4.5 (100% up to $500)
Our players are eligible for a full 100% deposit match from Titan, which is pretty generous. They do allow you to use that up to $500, so this is one of the better bonuses for high stakes players. Be sure that you use one of our links as the standard bonus is only 50%. You work off the bonus by collecting “Stars” through ring game or tournament play. Micro-limit players will need to work extra hard to clear this bonus, but playing at .50/$1 limits or higher should allow you to clear the full bonus.

Promotions: 5

SPECIAL PROMOTION: We're hosting a private $2,000 freeroll to our next 75 depositing players at Titan Poker. Since this is limited to 75 players, the field will be much smaller than a typical freeroll with a much larger prize pool. Here's what you need to do to qualify:


1. Visit Titan Poker through our site. You must do this or the software will not add your account to the tournament list.

2. Download the software.

3. Create a new account and use bonus code "titan2k".

4. Make any first deposit.

5. Haunt the tables and enjoy! Titan will send you an e-mail with the final date and time of the freeroll.

One of the better incentives from Titan to make your first deposit is the $1,000 freeroll, which is only open to new players and is in addition to our private $2,000 freeroll. This is much better than a traditional freeroll, since the number of participants is usually under 300. Plus, the prize pool is actually decent at $1,000, so smart tournament players have a good shot at a substantial prize. This site has also jumped on the $100 Million Freeroll bandwagon which is actually a big $500,000 online freeroll with jackpots up to $100 Million at the final table. New depositors will have a shot to qualify or you can earn your entry through Sit ‘n Gos and/or multi-table tournament satellites. Their other big promotion right now is a $100,000 jackpot to anyone who wins some of their top Sit ‘n Gos a number of consecutive times. A more realistic goal would be the “Dirty Dozen” Jackpot, which gives you $2,000 if you win 4 of their 2-table Sit ‘n Gos in a row. They’ve also added the ability to make private tables within the software. They also have Bad Beat Jackpots and a Top Hand of the Day bonus for the best holding of the day.

Fish: 4
With so many promotions, the player base here is mostly inexperienced passive players. Especially in no-limit ring games, most of your opponents will play too many hands and will pay you off with second-best holdings. When you hit a good run of cards at Titan, you can usually expect a good payoff. The flop percentage is sometimes unusually high at 50+% even at the middle limits, so you’ll be getting good odds to play your drawing hands. Just be sure to raise your premium hands more than normal to discourage trash hands from sticking around and drawing out on you. Overall, I’ve done well playing on this network and I’ve received other comments about the weak-passive (calling station) play of opponents here. The pots are usually larger than average at these tables.

Tournaments: 4
The tournament traffic is only fair at Titan because the site is still in its infancy. However, they have been attractive some good number for $5 and $10 events, typically drawing 200-300 players during peak hours. Freeroll players will also find a decent number of wild $100 events. These are pretty crazy and luck-based, so just keep them open in a second window or try out the new player $1,000 freeroll and our $2,000 event. Another positive at playing at a smaller site is the number of guaranteed tournaments, since they don’t usually meet the expected number of players. If they’re running a $1,000 guaranteed $5 buy-in event and only 80 people show up, they’ll still add another $600 to the prize pool.

Software: 4
I find the blue color scheme appealing, and Titan is probably my favorite for iPoker network sites. On a more objective note, the software runs at a good pace without a bunch of extra frills. Typical hands/hour is 55-65, so you’ll see a lot of fast action. The graphics at the table are pretty sharp, and the cards are easy to see. You have to find filled tables amongst all the empty ones in the lobby, but other than that it is pretty easy to navigate. I also like the hand history feature here, which has a graphical interface. Finally, they have a section with a number of casino games if your table is getting slow. Poker is so much better because you actually control the odds with your actions, and you should remember the inherent house advantage with casino games before you plunk down too much cash.

Best Features
-Good deposit bonus. While it takes a little longer to clear, this is one of the largest bonuses that you can get.
-Weak competition. The ring games, especially no limit, are very loose.
-New player freeroll. This is a smaller event that gives you a better chance of coming in the money.
-Solid software. The color scheme is really nice and the lobby is easy to use.

Cashouts: 4.5
I haven’t had any delays with cashouts, and I’ve generally received my NETeller cashouts by the next day. No problems here.

Customer Service: 5
The customer service at Titan is almost a little too good, since you’ll get hit with a live chat window as soon as you become a new player. This goes away of course, and the live chat is a really handy feature if you need to take care of things right away. They also have telephone support, which is also important.

Game Selection: Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha H/L

Limits:    Fixed Limit: .02/.04 - $100/200     No Limit: .01/.02 - $5/10

You should always remember how easily great hands can go awry. Suppose that you’re dealt 8-5 from the big blind, and there are 4 callers in for the minimum. You check it down and 5 of you see a flop of 8-5-K. Right now you’ve got a great hand and lead out with a pot-sized bet. You get two callers, but the turn comes with another K. Unfortunately, your hand has just been counterfeited. Everyone has a pair of Kings now, and you’ve got a second pair of 8s with a 5 kicker. You only get credit for the best 5 cards, so your pair of 5s doesn’t count. Anyone with a K has you dominated, and even J-8 has a better kicker than you now. You’ll have to check this hand and fold to any significant action. Another tip for Titan Poker: since there will typically be 4 or 5 players seeing the flop for the minimum, you should look for chances to play hands like suited connectors from late position. You’ll be getting the right pot odds to do it, and you can really take down a monster pot if you connect on the flop. No one suspects you to be holding a hand like 5-6, and that’s the beauty of playing them in no-limit hold‘em.


Click here to visit Titan Poker.