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Paradise Poker



Featured Site

Paradise Poker

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Paradise Poker


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Overall: (4)
Bonus: (3.5)
Promotions: (3.5)  
Fish: (2)   
Tournaments: (4.5)
Software: (4.5)
Cashouts: (5)
Customer Service: (4)

  Paradise Poker











Overall: 4

Paradise Poker is one of the oldest and most reliable online poker sites around. They’re coming off a really big year from their Million Dollar Freeroll promotions, and we’ll keep you posted when new events are added. The biggest side-effect from this was the large increase in players as a result. The tables play pretty consistently (as compared to some of the wilder sites) and I like the software here. They do have a larger player base, which allows for more filled tables at limits, including high stakes. While upfront promotions are modest, the tournament offerings are very good here.

Bonus: 3.5 (25% up to $50)
The upfront bonus is pretty standard at 25% up to $50. To receive the full 25% bonus, you’ll need to use this link and enter bonus code “FIRST25” on your first deposit. Smaller players may have difficulty earning the full bonus as you’ll need to play 100 raked hands at a minimum of 25c per hand to earn each $10 of bonus. Larger players should see this earned fairly quickly.

Promotions: 3.5
The largest promotion at Paradise as of late has been the two Million Dollar Freerolls, and they may be planning a third event. Besides that, they have revolving promotions and you should check the Paradise Poker homepage for current news. Mostly, their promotions come in the form of satellites for big live tournaments since they have good tournament action. Also, their annual Paradise Masters events are neat with main online event guaranteeing a $1,000,000 prize pool.

Fish: 2
As is typically the case with older poker sites, the player base at Paradise tends to play on the tight side. This may be refreshing to players frustrated by wild online tables, and the main advantage is the decrease in bad beats from drawing opponents. Also, you should keep in mind that you want to be playing the opposite style of the table, so you should open up your game and play more aggressively against timid opponents. With the recent Freeroll promotion, the games have opened up a bit from newer players. Flop percentages typically range between 25-30% at the middle limit. No limit ring games are popular up to the $2.50/5 range, and fixed limits are played up to the $40/80 level with full tables.

Tournaments: 4.5
The tournament variety at Paradise is excellent, with one of the top online tournament schedules. Serious tournament players will find a lot to like in the multitude of events in the $10-200 range. They have several events every hour, and smaller players will also find a good number of tourneys under $10, including the “Big Buck” $1 buy-in event which is pretty popular. Sit ‘n Gos also have good traffic, and the overall tournament traffic is very good attracting over 1,000 players to their biggest events. Overall, this is one of the best features of the site.

Software: 4.5
The Paradise software has traditionally been extremely slow and tough to deal with, but they’ve made some improvements over the past few months. It’s resulted in much faster ring games, and typical hands/hour reaches 50-60. I like the tropical-themed tables, and the lobby is very easy to navigate. A couple of silly features that I appreciate are the sounds and extra visuals. For some reason, this really makes the software for me. For example, when the cards are dealt you can hear them in stereo going around the table. Also, you can order virtual snacks and beverages that can sit next to your seat at the table. Other animations include hands that light on fire that win big showdowns. I find this software to be fun, and the speed improvements have really helped their overall score.

Best Features
-Veteran online poker site. Many players have trusted this poker room for years.
-Great tournament traffic. Typical number of entrants is very high and they run a lot of events throughout the day at differing buy-ins.
-Fun software. I like the unique features and visuals.

Cashouts: 5
This is a very financially stable poker site owned by a publicly traded company, so don’t fret about your $200 NETeller cashout. You should have it within a day.

Customer Service: 4
For such an established company, Paradise should offer more than e-mail support, but I found them quick and helpful in replies to written concerns.

Game Selection: Hold'em, Omaha, Stud (7 and 5 card), Pineapple

Limits:    Fixed Limit: .02/.04 - $40/80     No Limit: .01/.02 - $2.50/5

The players at an older site like Paradise Poker are probably a bit better at tracking your play than the typical fish. Thus, you should be sure to mix up your play. This is especially true during tournaments when you won’t have as many players shuffling around as compared to ring games. You might start off the tournament raising a lot of hands and winning them without having to show your cards down. It is much better to win a pot without having to show your cards, especially if you pick up a premium hand soon after your aggressive moves. Usually you’ll have at least one player stand up to what he thinks is another bluff, and you can usually extract more chips. If you win the pot and do have to show down your cards, you’re set up to play aggressively again under a consistent table image. This constant switching of gears is the best formula to keep your opponents off-guard and afraid of you in tournament play.


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