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Hollywood Poker



Featured Site

Hollywood Poker

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Hollywood Poker


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Overall: (4.5)
Bonus: (4.5)
Promotions: (4)  
Fish: (3)  
Tournaments: (5)
Software: (4.5)
Cashouts: (4.5)
Customer Service: (4.5)












Overall: 4.5

Hollywood Poker is a pretty new site endorsed by actor James Woods and WPT commentator Vince van Patten. Fortunately, they play on a popular network so you’ll still a good amount of tournament traffic and ring game traffic. This site has some very good promotions, and their tournament schedule is one of the busiest online. They also have a no-download version that runs on Java, so both Macintosh users and players away from home still have an option to sign on. Along with some very good software, this is a solid new site.

Bonus: 4.5 (500% up to $1000)
They have recently updated their bonus structure with a different offer for each type of player. It’s an interesting idea, and I like the ability to choose your own bonus. All of these come with a free Red Carpet (think Hollywood) tournament ticket. The first deposit bonus is a 100% bonus up to $50. This is better for smaller players, since it requires the least “Poker Points” to clear. To get the 100% bonus up to $50, use this link and bonus code “HWP50” at your account signup. Requiring slightly more points, you can get a 100% bonus up to $75 by using this link and bonus code “HP75” at your account signup. You can also get a 100% bonus up to $100 if you use this link and bonus code “HP100” at your account signup. Their largest bonus is a 500% bonus up to $1,000. You’ll need to use this link and bonus code “HP1000” at your account signup. This requires a lot of points, so only high-stakes players should try for this bonus. I recommend the $50 maximum bonus code for low-to-mid stakes players. And finally, if you’re a tournament player you can get a free Celebrity Bounty Tournament entry if you use this link and bonus code “HPTP” at your account signup. They offer a lot of bonuses, so we give them a good score for trying to individualize to the player.

Promotions: 4
Trying to build up their new player base, Hollywood Poker has been pretty good about promotions so far. Since they’re already on a successful network, they have a strong tournament schedule that is a pretty good promotion in itself. Other than that, their opening deposit bonus options are pretty strong, and they regularly hold Celebrity tournaments, live tourney satellites, and some charity events. They also hold the occasional $10,000 freeroll for Poker Point earners, which is a pretty good amount for a freeroll. They send out a weekly newsletter, which is actually pretty comprehensive and lets you know about new promotions.

Fish: 3
The action on this network is somewhere in the middle in terms of fish-to-shark ratio. Typical flop percentages run at about 35-40% at the middle stakes, so you’ll find a mixture of calling stations, a couple of maniacs, and a couple of rocks at the table. Even though Hollywood Poker is a newer site, this network has been around for a few years and older sites tend to have tighter competition. However, the recent promotions have also been bringing in some weaker competition. I recommend that you play conservatively as you first sit down, and begin to observe your opponents, take notes, and be more prepared to do battle with them in future hands.

Tournaments: 5
I give Hollywood a top score for tournaments, and this is probably the best feature of the site. The tourney schedule is always very full at this site, which I appreciate since I usually won’t have to wait long for my desired event. They actually even run a couple of 5-card-draw events every day for you gamblers. They have some exclusives like the Michael Woods Celebrity Invitational event, which has a $10 buy-in with some celebrity bounties. New players to the site also get a free tournament entry, which is nice since the competition usually isn’t very stiff at this event. Another fun event is the $1 weekly tourney on Saturdays that has $2,500 added to the prize pool. You might as well take a shot for the buck. Larger tournament players will also find a large number of guaranteed events here. Sit ‘n Gos are also pretty popular here.

Software: 4.5
The software is well-laid out and is a strong package overall. The red color scheme is sharp, and the table graphics are a good mixture between 2-D and 3-D. Each action made by players is clearly labeled, and game speed is pretty quick. For Mac poker players or those on the run at a friend’s house, you can also play using their Java console. The graphics are pretty good for a no-download version. You do have to click on each table to view statistics like, but the software is very good overall.

Best Features
-Wide range of deposit bonuses. Depending on what type of player you are you can choose the appropriate bonus structure.
-Plenty of tournaments. This is probably one of their best aspects.
-Strong software. The graphics are sharp and speed is quick.

Cashouts: 4.5
I have had good experiences with NETeller cashouts from Hollywood, and have had my money with a day or so.

Customer Service: 4.5
As always, I like the option for telephone support which is offered at this site. E-mail support is also pretty quick.

Game Selection: Hold'em, Omaha, Stud

Limits:    Fixed Limit: .25/.50 - $50/100     No Limit: .10/.25 - $25/50

Against some of the aggressive players that you’ll run into at Hollywood, a move that I like to make occasionally is the slowplay on the turn. I recently picked up pocket Kings from middle position in a no-limit ring game and raised to 5x the big blind. I got one caller from the big blind and saw a rag and a couple of 6s on the flop. He checked to me and I bet about the size of the pot. He called pretty quickly. The turn card came with a K giving me an all-but-unbeatable hand. He checked, and I checked behind him. Why? By raising preflop and betting on the flop, I give the impression that I may be just on a continuation bet. When I check the turn, he is much more likely to bet on the river, putting me on a move. In the actual hand, my opponent did bet on the river and I picked up some extra chips.


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