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>> WSOP Main Event Winner Keeps His Money

Joe Hachem Will Keep All of His Winnings

January 3, 2006 (written by Haunted Poker)


Joseph Hachem, the 2005 WSOP Main Event winner, won his appeal with the Australian government to keep his entire $7.5 million prize. Apparently, Australia has a tax law claiming that income earned from "hobbies" should be non-taxed and separated from income earned from a "career". Since Hachem wasn't a full-time poker player, his World Series of Poker prize money can be considered income from a hobby.


Wow... so the moral of the story is: keep your dual Australian citizenship active if you plan to play in the WSOP. I'm not sure if the IRS has a similar law but I can't imagine so. Unfortunately, our government still regards poker as gambling (which is taxed) rather than a skill game. Go Joe. 



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