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>> WPT Tournament Results: 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open

"The Grinder" Takes The World Poker Tour Event

February 2, 2006 (written by Haunted Poker)


Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi has just won the 2006 Borgata Winter Poker Open. For his efforts, he'll take home nearly $1.2 million - a larger first prize than recent WPT events. Since this was a World Poker Tour sponsored event, you can look forward to catching the tournament later this year on The Travel Channel.


John D'Agostino ran into trouble when he check-raised Mizrachi's two pair all-in with his gutshot straight draw. When D'Agostino didn't catch a miracle on the river, he was eliminated in second place. Here are the results, including prize money earned, from the rest of the final table:


1. Michael Mizrachi: $1,173,373

2. John D'Agostino: $591,312

3. Erick Lindgren: $282,721

4. Amnon Filippi: $184,785

5. Josh Spiegelman: $147,828

6. Stu Paterson: $110,871



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