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Beat Texas Hold'em by Tom McEvoy

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Beat Texas Hold'em


Mostly suited for beginner's, this easy read is inexpensive but still full of valuable content. This little book will only put you out about $6 or $7, but if you're completely just getting started with poker, I think that it's a great choice. The book begins by outlining the basic rules and structure of Texas Hold'em in an organized way. Following that are chapters written about specific variations such as tournament play, Limit Hold'em, and No-Limit Hold'em.


I like Tom McEvoy's advice, and he's a tournament expert with a WSOP Championship under his belt. While it may be topics that you already incorporate into your game, I think that the no-limit section is the best part because it actually addresses cash game strategy. Most Hold'em books target the beginner limit crowd, but this one of the few resources I have found that gives some good advice on no-limit ring games. It's only one chapter in the book, but it's good stuff.


If you're just getting into poker this is a good introduction of key topics that you should review multiple times before you site down at your first real money game. Even as an experienced player, I still look through this one occasionally to help remind me of necessary fundamentals that I may be overlooking. You'll probably be disappointed if you're looking for advanced topics, but it's definitely worth the few bucks to plug a few possible leaks in your game.



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