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More Hold'em Excellence by Lou Krieger

Written by Haunted Poker for exclusive use.


More Hold'em Excellence


In this sequel, Lou Krieger gives more insights on Limit Hold'em ring games. This book is more a collection of essays and thoughts on particular aspects rather than an entire overview of the game. Unfortunately, the topics can seem somewhat scattered and often cut off leaving the reading craving more information on particular topics.


This volume reads almost more like a separate magazine and a loosely related collection of essays rather than a follow-up to an in-depth strategy book. Still, Krieger is an easy-to-follow writer with an entertaining style. Some interesting parts of this book include addressing the differing schools of thought on how to play A-K. I would say that this book caters more to the psychological aspects of poker rather than strict strategy.


I was happy to see Lou put out another published work, but this may have been better as a separate title rather than under the Hold'em Excellence banner. If you're a poker nut and like to read everything you can on the game, you'll probably find good value in this book. However, novice players will probably be disappointed and if you need ot make a choice between the two volumes, definitely stick with the original.



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