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>> Wife of Paranormal Radio Show Legend Dies at 47

Wife of Paranormal Pioneer Art Bell Dies

January 8, 2006 (written by Haunted Poker)


Personally, this is a story that hits home. Art Bell is the long-time host of the late-night paranormal radio show Dreamland and now makes guest appearances on Coast to Coast, hosted by George Noory most nights. He was married to Ramona Bell for 15 years and, in fact, the couple hadn't spent a night apart since they were wed.


This past week, Ramona apparently died in her sleep after an asthma attack although investigations are still taking place. She was only 47.


I have listened to this worldwide radio show for years whether in the car or on the computer. Art had an excellent idea to give paranormal experts, as well as everyday enthusiasts, a platform for their studies. The show has been on for at least a decade and, unfortunately, Art has had to take time off previously because of legal problems involving his son. This is extremely sad news and we all feel for Art during what must be a terrible time.



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