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>> Man Invents Spirit Sensor

British Man Invents Device to Detect Supernatural

January 3, 2006 (written by Haunted Poker)


Engineer Steve Watson, 48, of Westburn Avenue, Keighley, in the U.K has "invented" a device that supposedly registers when a spirit is present in the vicinity. How does it work? It's a glass-domed device that gives off a chiming sound and lights up when it detects electro-magnetic disturbances.


Many modern paranormal investigators believe that spirits can give off electro-magnetic energy as they pass by our plane of existence. If you see a sudden spike in this energy, it is thought that it could possibly be a spiritual presence.


Similar devices are used by psychics and ghost hunters to detect presences when they're investigating haunted places. In fact, I'm not sure why Watson thinks that he is entirely original with this idea since we've been using a little box called the "Cell Sensor" for years when going to haunted places. It's a handheld device that lights up red and makes a sound when it detects EMF energy.


Other possible uses for such a device include detecting energy spikes from power lines or mobile phone towers. He is currently trying to get his "invention" patented and marketed for use.



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