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>> New Study Shows Interesting Information on Those that Believe in Paranormal

New Study Shows College Students Believe More in Paranormal

January 23, 2006 (written by Haunted Poker)


This month, Skeptical Inquirer of all places will release findings that show results of a new poll conducted that follows up on a 2001 nationwide Gallup Poll. The topic: Belief in the paranormal. The study took place using a sample of 439 college students who answered questions about psychic phenomena, ESP, telepathy, life after death, and hauntings.


Surprisingly, and contrary to results in the Gallup Poll, this study showed that seniors and graduate students were more likely to believe in paranormal phenomena than freshman. The general conclusion is that as education increases, belief in the paranormal also increases. Scientists conducting the polls concluded that the public belief that college is a harbor for skepticism may be false. Another convoluted theory is that the intellectual tend believe in the supernatural because they can easily defend what they believe in.


Personally, I think that this is a great story. It shows that, contrary to many closed-minded skeptics beliefs, the paranormal isn't just for the naive, uneducated, and the gullible. Worldly and scholarly individuals are believing more in the paranormal because of greater public awareness, research, and the greater ability of technology to capture evidence. Take "belief" in extraterrestrial beings, for example. I can remember as short as 10-20 years ago most scientists wouldn't believe that our universe was populated with other beings. With the new ability of our telescopes to detect extra-solar planets and calculating the sheer odds of finding a habitable planet in the cosmos, most scientists now believe that it would be amazing if we were alone in the universe. 



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