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>> Bristol Hotel Declared Haunted

Paranormal Investigators find Evidence of Hauntings at Hotel

February 2, 2006 (written by Haunted Poker)


Paranormal investigators have officially dubbed the Arnos Manner Hotel in England "haunted". The hotel is located in Bath Road and has a 244-year history.


Recently, a crew of 15 ghost hunters performed an investigation at the hotel and recorded abnormal findings such as temperature spikes, apparent visuals of apparitions, and certain investigators felt as though they were being pushed by some unseen force.


Other alleged haunts from guests include apparitions climbing staircases, baths filling with water without being turned on, and items being thrown about the rooms. When confronted with evidence from the investigation, the hotel manager wasn't surprised. In fact, he felt gratified that the ghost hunters confirmed their personal beliefs about the source of strange activity.



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