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The Intruders by Pat Montandon


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This true account of what happened to the famous socialite Pat Montandon in 1960’s San Francisco is told in her own words from her own memories. I found the book to be totally enthralling. It tells of a different world, and a different time. Society was truly different back then, and that made it all the more disturbing for Ms. Montandon. People didn’t feel like they could talk about their personal problems, such as their houses being haunted, back then.


Nowadays, people would hardly hesitate to talk to friends or co-workers about strange things disturbing their homes and their lives. Ms. Montandon was living alone in a large old house that she later learned had a tragic history. At first, she was thrilled with all of her own personal space. It didn’t take long for her to start feeling threatened. Even when more tenants moved in upstairs from her, things just got worse.

Pat Montandon was quite famous in the 1960’s for being a celebrated party thrower. Social events were big things of the time, and her parties were always coveted affairs being written up by reporters and frequented by celebrities. After one such party, an irate ‘fortune teller’ cursed her and her home after he imagined he was being slighted by his busy hostess. Her life was never the same afterwards. It culminated to such disastrous results as her best friend and roommate being killed by the house. (I know, I know…but read it and see.)


Pat Montandon was devastated. Not only did the house claim this life dear to Ms. Montandon, it claimed the lives of two other young women who had stayed at the house at one time or another. I could hardly put this book down until I finished it. It leaves you feeling chilled and horrified. The truth of her sorrowful recounting of this devastating time in her life will leave you saddened and grateful for your own cozy home. (I say that even though I have reason to believe my own house is haunted…it is cozy compared to Ms. Montandon’s house, because it hasn’t been overtly threatening!)


There are, however, parts of the book that will have you glowing with happiness for Pat, such as when she finally meets the man of her dreams. What a great way they met! You are just rooting for them to get married, and totally satisfied when they do. This is a book not to be missed if you’re researching the paranormal, or just want a good read.



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