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The Black Hope Horror: The Story of a True Haunting

by Ben Williams, Jean Williams, and John Bruce Shoemaker


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This is one of my favorite true-haunting books to read. And it is just that: truly haunting. After reading it, you will never look at life (or death) the same. This family went through horrific experiences in their time at the house on Poppet’s Way.


Ben and Jean Williams bought land in the Newport Subdivision outside of Houston Texas to build their dream home. What they didn’t expect was that it would cost them their family and their happiness. Soon after moving into their ‘dream home’ odd things started happening; unsettling things. They couldn’t keep plants alive, and they couldn’t keep their pets from dying horrific, unheard-of deaths (such as kittens being born inside out). But not only did it affect their horticulture and animals, it affected family members.

About five of their family members ended up dying from being associated with the house. Their three daughter’s lives were ruined and in the case of one daughter, tragically ended. Not only were the Williams’ affected, but other neighbors on their street had horrible experiences as well. These are touched on in the book, and also on the television show “Unsolved Mysteries” where the story of the Haunted Newport Subdivision is investigated.

It was found out that the houses were built over a graveyard for African Americans who were slaves years ago and descendants of slaves. These poor, hardworking people couldn’t even get a break in death. The unsuspecting residents of Poppet’s Way were horrified when they discovered the bodies under their lawns, and they felt terrible. All sides felt violated. The spirits really wanted to torment the new invaders, and all the terrible, and true, details are told in this enthralling book.



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