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Noble Poker Bonus

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Noble Poker


Visit Noble Poker.  

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Amount of Bonus: 50% up to $250

Clearing Requirements: 500 Crowns per $10 of bonus

Bonus Code: use this link for the full bonus

Bonus Earned per Hour: $5 at middle or high-stakes


Noble Poker has recently changed their bonus to a 50% match, which is good up to $250. This is one of the better bonuses available on the iPoker network, and is best suited for middle or high-stakes players. You should also note that the bonus is lower if you go directly to their URL. To get the full $250, just use any of our links.


For each raked hand that you're dealt cards in, you receive "Crowns" (hence the Noble theme). The number that you earn depends on how much is raked from the particular hand. They go by the industry standard in terms of rake, which is 5% of the pot with a maximum of $3 taken out.


If you're playing at higher stakes where most pots will be raked the maximum, you'll earn 4 Crowns per hand. Since you earn $10 cash for every 500 Crowns, you'll be playing about 125 hands for every $10 of bonus. Smaller stakes tables that rake less still earn Crowns, but at a lower rate so you'll be playing longer before you earn each $10. We recommend that you play multiple tables or play at tables with higher average pots if you want to earn your bonus faster.


Overall, this is one of the better online poker bonuses, especially for players with a bankroll since you can earn up to $250. While micro-limit players might be working at this for a while, middle-stakes and higher players should earn most, if not all, of the bonus if you make this one of your main sites.



Visit Noble Poker.  

Click here for our full Noble Poker review.



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